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Player Development Process

Step 1:

Private Evaluation

Step 2:

Develop a Personalized Plan

Step 3:

Discuss Payment Plans

Step 4:

Training and Gym Schedule


Beginners are typically players with a limited skill set. Although this group is typically younger in age, our facility is set up so that different ages can train at the same time. 


Intermediates are players 2 plus years of experience.


Players in this category are refining existing skills.


This group is typically made up of middle schoolers.


However,  we place players into a group based on skill set 

not age or preference. This group usually meets


Monday- Friday from 7 pm to 8 pm.


Elite status is based on years of experience gained


through recreational, school and AAU participation.  

Elite players are in high school and beyond. However, a


middle school player may participate provided that they


exhibit elite skills as determined by FiDonce staff.

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