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Serving Our Community

Growing up in a low socio-economic section of Chester, PA planted a burning desire in me to achieve greatness. Seeing the devastation of my community and a struggling mother trying to make ends meet made me feel responsible for making things better for me, my family, and the community around me. I realized at an early age that my best chance to pursue greatness and change my family's economic condition was to pursue basketball because playing the game came naturally to me. From the first time I watched a basketball game, it has always made more sense than anything else. I began learning and trying to perfect the game by studying greats like Dr. J and Michael Jordan. I played basketball throughout my younger years. Older individuals in the community began asking me to play and to coach their teams. I continued to play throughout high school and was a true standout, making city and state honors for multiple years. I also led my team to a state title in 1994. With limited guidance and leadership, I pursued college the best way I could.  I lacked knowledge regarding AAU teams, and neither had an agent nor a marketing team. As a result, I was not recruited as heavily as I could have been. After high school, I attended Cheyney University and played for their basketball team. 

Although they lacked resources for sports, I still managed to be named All-American during both my junior and senior years. As I matured athletically and academically, I also realized the importance of shaping my character. Upon concluding a productive collegiate career, I pursued a professional basketball career. Unsuccessful at making it to the NBA, I realized I had so much to offer other athletes - starting with my younger brother, Tyreke Evans. 


We are partnered with several local non-profits to support the Chester community!

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